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Ghostrunner Hel

Client: 505 Games / One More Level

Main Hero Redesign,
Cover Art, Branding

Sometimes it is good
to be a villain.
Or maybe just, play as one!

The Ghostrunner Game is specially dear to us, so we felt very humbled being chosen to create the Key Art for it’s biggest DLC. Whenever You think of the toughest villains in Ghostrunner, You think about her.

Hel is rage embodied, emanation of OP-ness.
A killing machine that everyone would love to play as.

We felt her power, anger and pain – we wanted to show it the best way we could.


Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Producer: Ewa Pazera

Art Direction: Rafał Nagiecki
Concept: Michał Janusik
Sculpting: Sebastian Ordon
Render: Sebastian Ordon
Finish: Kamil Bugno
Graphic Design: Dawid Deptuła, Rafał Nagiecki

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Stories From The Dying City – JONAH

Client: Techland

Design, Animation

Studies show that Dying Light 2 and Techland have
a 99% chance of improving your mood.

We love making things that make people feel better, but what we love even more is creating things that make the hair at the back of your neck stand up and run chills through your body.

This is why we were extremely eager to jump on this project, born out of Techland’s immense Dying Light world, written by Mariusz Pitura, narrated by Corpse Husband, directed and animated by Paweł Świerczyński.

We want to express our sincere thanks to the entire creative team, the hardworking cast and crew, and most of all – Techland and team.


Creative Producer: Paweł Jermak
Supervising Producer: Ewa Pazera
Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Creative Director / Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki

CG Supervisor: Paweł Świerczyński
Layout Lead: Paweł Świerczyński
Lead Artist: Maciej Biniek
Senior Character Animator: Oleh Ridzel
Layout Artist, Character Animator: Katarzyna Olszewska
Character Animation: Paweł Świerczyński
Junior Layout Artist: Yauheni Vashkevich
Lighting / Rigging: Paweł Świerczyński
Lead Compositing Artist: Przemysław Traśnik Czapla
Compositing Artist: Łukasz Stolarski
Compositing Artist: Paweł Białowąs

Illustrator: Anna Kowalczyk

3D Artist: Piotr Luziński
3D Artist: Jacek Domaradzki
Lighting: Maciej Biniek
Character Artist: Sebastian Ordon
Editing: Paweł Świerczyński, Paweł Jermak
Online: Paweł Jermak

Color Grading – VEIN Post Production
Colorist: Dominik Deras
Producer: Krzysztof Dudek

Main Title & End Credit Design: Dawid Deptuła
Main Title & End Credit Animation: Paweł Samul

Sound Post Production GŁOŚNO:
Sound Designer: Dariusz Podhajski
Sound Production Coordinator: Julia Niebielska
Casting Director: Grzegorz Drojewski


Creative Director: Łukasz Janas
Senior Writer: Mariusz Pitura
Project Manager: Monika Bednorz
Translations: Marta Szczechowska
3D Dying Light 2 Characters: Character Team


Storyteller: Corpse Husband
Redbeard: Barry Mulkerns
Guard: Philip Lenkowsky
Woman: Konstancja Dangel
Host: Adam Hadi

Milena Suszyńska
Maciej Kowalik
Piotr Bajtlik

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The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Client: Spokko

Your Hunt Begins
(Live Action Trailer)

Roach? Where are You?
Stop playing around and let’s do some hunting!

We are very proud that Spokko chose us to work on The Witcher: Monster Slayer mobile game trailer. Our cinematic director Paweł Swierczynski has a long history with the Witcher Saga so who else could transfer the brand’s spirit into the new Game more accurately? What started off as a traditional film production shoot in pre-production, quickly transformed into a 100% virtual production film shoot including VFX monsters.

It was a strenuous experience since it was a big and complicated undertaking, but you can see the effects and judge for Yourself. We loved the project very much and hope for more exciting collaborations like this.

Go Witcher: Monster Slayer! Let the hunt begin!


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Producer: Ewa Pazera
Producer: Zuzanna Zdunek

Director: Paweł Świerczyński
Concept & Screenplay: Paweł Świerczyński
1st AD: Katarzyna Winecka

DP: Michał Pukowiec
1st AC: Sebastian Chyla
2nd AC: Sebastian Karczmarczyk
AC / DIT: Krzysztof Mocny
Ronin: Paweł Zapisek
Technocrane: Norbert Bernstock
Technocrane Assistant: Karol Ambroszczyk
Gaffer: Mariusz Ziandarski
Set Lighting Technician: Wojciech Ratajczak
Set Lighting Technician: Krzysztof Rychlik
Set Lighting Technician: Marcin Jaśczak
Runner: Piotr Kosmalski

Production Design: Izabela Cieszko
Prop Master: Krzysztof Waligórski
Prop Assistant: Michał Trzeciak
Costumes: Karolina Droszcz
Makeup & Hair: Joanna Siwy

Set Manager: Paweł Zawierucha
Stagehand: Piotr Zalewski MASTER FILM
Stagehand: Paweł Sturlis MASTER FILM
Stagehand: Grzegorz Rusicki MASTER FILM
Location Manager: Paweł Dąbrowski
Fire Safety: Leszek Kucharski
Set Medic: Antoni Sławiński Med-Extreme

On-Set Editor: Jakub Jan Wiatrzyk
Producer’s Assistant: Weronika Podgórska
BTS: Maciej Stempij, Denny Schenk, Jakub Karaś

Weronika Lejza
Mateusz Kokodoko

Nicolas Ferreira
Ksenia Jankowska
Joanna Jesipowicz
Jakub Karaś
Jakub Kondrat
Ksenia Lis
Denny Schenk
Kacper Zalewski

Virtual Production: Enginious
Virtual Production Producer: Ewa Pazera
Virtual Production Technician: Witold Muchowski
Virtual Production Technician: Michał Zboiński
LED Supplier: Visualsupport Michał Płócienniak

3D Unreal Engine Set Design:
Piotr Buczkowski
Aleksander Majewski
Mateusz Kozłowski
Piotr Luziński

Postproduction Producer: Pawel Jermak
Offline Editor: Jan Jakub Wiatrzyk
VFX Supervisor: Paweł Świerczyński
3D Generalist: Jacek Domaradzki
3D Unreal Engine Artist: Piotr Luziński
Lead Compositing Artist: Lukasz Stolarski
VFX Artist: Przemysław Czapla
Color Grading: Michał Kowalski
Online: Pawel Jermak

Music: Piotr Adamczyk
Sound Design & Mix: Rajmund Krakowski
VO: Borys Pugacz-Muraszkiewicz
VO Copy: Łukasz Ludkowski

Game Director & Board Member: Maciej Weiss
Video Editor Consultant: Aleksander Skweres
Marketing Producer: Jakub Bońkowski
Executive Producer: Mateusz Janczewski

Soundstage: Opus Film, Łódź
Camera & lighting equipment: ATM SYSTEM

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The Pearl Collection

Client: RIOT Games

Design, Animation, AR

Launching a new map with a Portuguese theme requires a campaign with soul. This is why, inspired by Portuguese ceramics and design, we helped to bring The Pearl Collection campaign to life.

The new map Pearl takes place in Portugal, Inspired by its famous Azulejos (painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework) we decided to create the perfect convention starter. A set of coasters, but with a digital spin to it.

Each coaster/tile was designed to represent a VALORANT agent or a character. The tiles come to life as soon as you point your camera to them using a special Instagram AR filter to reveal the matching agent and a unique animation to each design. Even the box itself had a hidden special animation to it.

The tiles were packaged in a unique box and sent out to Influncers from MENA, SEA, Europe and NA for a special unboxing moment during the new map launch.
The unboxing took place live on stream with thousands of concurrent viewers tuning in to watch their favorite VALORANT streamers reveal the package and try out the AR experience.
Additionally, all VALORANT players were able to download the artwork, create their own tiles and try the AR experience.

In a few days the AR filters made over 350k impressions and over 4000 players tried them out!


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Producers: Wojciech Markowski, Ewa Pazera
Creative Director / Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Design Director: Kamil Bugno
Design Lead: Dawid Deptuła
3D Generalists: Jacek Domaradzki, Piotr Luziński
Account Manager: Ksenia Kocel
Project Coordinator: Nadia Demenczuk
Production Assistants: Anna Walasek, Michał Zboiński

2D Animators: Paweł Samul, Radek Skonieczny
3D Animators: Yauheni Vashkevich, Łukasz Horyza
Concept Artist: Michał Janusik
Compositing Artist: Paweł Samul,
Grimworks, Tiles Production: Małgorzata Suchoń, Marcin Jabłoński
Loco XR , Augmented Reality Production: Przemek Drosik, Anna Dragun, Jenki
Cinescope, Video Production: Damian Kramski, Marcin Pałaszyński,
Michał Mazurkiewicz, Sylwester Ida

Brand Manager, Riot Games: Anas al Hakim
Head of Marketing, Riot Games: Karim Hachani

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Regional League Finals


Design, Animation, 3D

The challenge consisted of creating a hype piece to tease the grand finals of the Valorant Regional League: MENA – held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – in only 3 weeks.

We used VRL MENA branding and integrated it with the imagery of the city of Riyadh, mixing in Valorant elements and the branding of the final e-sport teams.


Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Art Director: Maciej Szyszko
Lead Graphic Designer: Dawid Deptuła
Visual Supervisor: Kamil Bugno
Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Lead Producer: Ewa Pazera

Project Coordinators: Anna Walasek, Nadia Nagiecka
Editing, 2D Animation: Paweł Samul
2D Animation: Miłosz Konczyński
3D Animation & Rendering: Lunapark Motion Arts Collective

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Star Guardian


Design, Animation

The Star Guardians are here! A fantastic new world born from the League of Legends brand.

We had a great privilege to bring it to life during
the Star Guardian filters launch on Instagram.

We made two exciting animations with influencers’ real reactions, a promotion of the Star Guardians characters and for the League of Legends: Wildfift launch.

This magic is real!


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Lead Producer: Ewa Pazera
Project Coordinator: Anna Walasek
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Design Director: Kamil Bugno

Animation Supervisor: Paweł Samul
Przemysław Drosik, Andrzej Jękot, Łukasz Rusinek, Maciej Koleśnik, Rafał Paruszewski, Joanna Rutkowska

Post Production Manager: Anna Dragun

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Cypher Chess Set

Client: RIOT Games

Box Design, Chess Design
& Production

The new cinematic arriving with episode 4 of Valorant showed Cypher playing his favorite game – chess. He played on a specially designed chess set.

To create buzz around the campaign we decided to recreate these chess manually and let a top influencer play them live on her stream channel during the event.

We used resin pieces and a specially lit, laser cut chessboard to achieve the best precision. A special neon mechanism lit the whole chessboard in a magical, modern way. We shot a making of video revealing the craftsmanship of the creation process from the concept to the final product. We also produced a presentation video showing each element of the distinctive design highlighting the unique game character.

We shot everything using an Optex Excellence lens to get the cinematic feel.

We shot everything using an Optex Excellence lens to get the cinematic feel.
The chessboard was packaged in a specially designed box and sent out to a Valorant super – player Pokimane for an unboxing event.

The reveal took place live on stream with over 50 thousand viewers tuning in. Checkmate!


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Producers: Wojciech Markowski, Ewa Pazera
Creative Director / Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Design Director: Kamil Bugno
Design Lead: Dawid Deptuła
Account Manager: Ksenia Kocel
Project Coordinator: Nadia Demenczuk
Production Assistants: Anna Walasek, Michał Zboiński

Compositing Artist: Paweł Samul
3D Modeler: Yauheni Vashkevich
Production Designer: Jan Strumiłło
Prop Master: Piotr Grzegorek
Prop Sculptors: Dominik Dlouhy, Mateusz Grzesiak
Clean-up: Hubert Padowski
Cinescope: Damian Kramski, Marcin Pałaszyński, Michał Mazurkiewicz, Sylwester Ida
Production House: Video & Photo Production
Brand Manager / Riot Games: Anas al Hakim
Head of Marketing / Riot Games: Karim Hachani

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Dying Light 2

Client: Techland

Dying 2 Know

We would like to present to you a project that we are hyped about, very much – the first episode of Dying 2 Know.

From Techland, a worldwide AAA game developer and publisher, officially launching their long awaited campaign for Dying Light 2. At the Beast, we created branding designs and animations (2D & 3D) based on materials provided from Techland, which included 2D main titles or the 3D Collector’s Edition presentation made in Unreal Engine.

Special thanks to everyone at Techland for this amazing cooperation and creative imput, it’s always a pleasure to work with you. We would also like to express gratitude to our hard working teams who worked on this project, as well as the fearless director Pawel Fabjanski.

The Beast bites again!


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Producer: Ewa Pazera
Graphic Design: Dawid Deptuła, Kamil Bugno
3D Unreal Engine Artist: Piotr Luziński
3D Texture Artist: Tomasz Zaborek
2D Animation: Paweł Samul, Miłosz Konczyński, Martyna Nagraba
Editing, Compositing: Lunapark Motion Arts Collective

Creative Director: Luk Janasek
Product Management Director: Monika Łpczsk-Zygn
Senior Copywriter: Mariusz Pitura
Production: Graffiti Films
Producer: Kasia Macioł
Director: Paweł Fabjański
DP: Mateusz Dziekonski
Production Design: Karolina Rączka

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Paradise Lost

Client: All In Games / Polyamorous

Concept, 3D, Slogan,
Logo, Post Production

We came up with the idea
of a Totem triptych to highlight the extraordinary backstory of the game.

Its impressive world, constructed with a vast historic background and varied characters, inspired us to enchant parts of their stories into the totems.

The Family Totem was the most emotional, not surprisingly.
It confronted the main hero with his past and loneliness. Setting
a slight tone of mystery around his parents and religion, and a dim light of hope.

We wanted to combine the energy of nature with the grand rituals nestled in our history created by man. Showing how the emotional world and memory itself can impact human lives.

We are also very proud
to present this unique
Key Art piece.


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Agency Producer: Ewa Pazera
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki

Concept Artist: Michał Janusik
Digital Artist: Kamil Bugno
3D Generalist: Tomasz Mianowski

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Dying Light:
Hellraid – The Prisoner

Client: Techland

Cinematic Trailer

Techland approached us to create a dark fantasy-style animation illustrated by hand where the story flows through custom-made spilled ink effects and multiple layers.

The inspiration was Diablo III and certain
aspects of the Ghost of Tsushima game.

The result is a monochromatic tale about Anat’s
evil plans and the characters that try to stand in her fiery way.

A deep narration and custom composed music assist with portraying despair.


Agency: The Beast
Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Agency Producer: Ewa Pazera
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Director: Rafał Nagiecki

Illustrations: Katarzyna Bekus
Music: Jan Sanejko
Voice Over: George Ledoux

Postproduction Studio: LUNAPARK motion arts collective
CG Supervisor / Art Director: Łukasz Omasta
Online / Compositing: Michał Andruch, Łukasz Omasta
Sound Design: Paweł Drzyzga
Post Producer: Magdalena Miszczak

Client: Techland
Creative Director: Łukasz Janas
Senior Data Analyst: Paweł Płaza
Project Management Director: Monika Łapczyńska-Zygan
Senior Brand Manager: Maciej Plenzner
Senior Copywriter: Mariusz Pitura