The Beast

Client: 505 Games / One More Level

Ghostrunner 2
Launch Trailer

Ghostrunner II is live and the Dharma Tower is filled with sounds of wall jumps and katana SWOOSHES once again! We had a privilege to bring to life another story from the Ghostrunner Franchise.

We were responsible for all the aspects from the early concepts to the final production. The production had a fantastic response during the reveal and the game made a huge impression on the players reaching 80 on Metacritic. Go Jack!

Powered by: Unreal 5.3

Script / Trailer Production / 4K 60FPS / Unreal Engine using game assets / Logo Design / Graphic language design


Creative Director/ Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Cinematic Director / Previz: Alireza Fattahi
Lighting: Caisar Hadi, Bartosz Weber
VFX Artist: Szymon Śniegocki
Environment Artist: Bartosz Weber, Caisar Hadi
Modeling, Texturing: Tomasz Zaborek
Rigging: Mosayeb Abbasi
Animations: Navid Tanzifian, Mojtaba Mirhaj
Head of Production: Ewa Pazera
PM: Magdalena Dernowska, Anna Walasek

Colorist / Post: Natalia Ratajczak, Miłosz Kończyński
Motion Graphics / Editing / Post: Miłosz Kończyński
Sound Design, Final Mix: Agata Majewska-Lenarczyk

Graphic Design, Branding: Dawid Deptuła, Bartosz Włodarczyk
Concept Art: Michał Janusik, Maxim Voronzov, Yauheni Vashkevich