The Beast

Client: Chronospace / ODD INN

WIP Trailer

Embark on a journey through a realm where magic breathes and darkness whispers, in the trailer for the project codenamed “Slava”, a captivating CRPG steeped in Slavic mythology based on the comic-book novel of Marek Oleksicki.

Navigate the blurred lines of morality, explore a land of conflict and mystery, and shape the destiny of a hero born from two worlds. Will you find your place among the shadows or the light?

Powered by: Unreal 5

Trailer Production / Unreal Engine using scanned + created assets / End Slate


Creative Director/ Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki

Virtual Art Director / DOP: Piotr Buczkowski
Unreal Artists: Monika Oller, Bartosz Weber
VFX Artists: Szymon Śniegocki, Wojciech Drzewiecki
Lighting Artist: Bartosz Weber
3D Animation: Milena Skornik-Nogalska
3D Modeler: Aleksandra Zawada

Photogrammetry: Scans Factory

Head of Production: Ewa Pazera
Project Manager: Magdalena Dernowska
Jr. Producer: Anna Walasek

Sound Design / Final Mix: Agata Lenarczyk-Majewicz
Editing: Agnieszka Sękowska

Original Score provided by Client