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Ghostrunner Hel

Client: 505 Games / One More Level

Main Hero Redesign,
Cover Art, Branding

Sometimes it is good
to be a villain.
Or maybe just, play as one!

The Ghostrunner Game is specially dear to us, so we felt very humbled being chosen to create the Key Art for it’s biggest DLC. Whenever You think of the toughest villains in Ghostrunner, You think about her.

Hel is rage embodied, emanation of OP-ness.
A killing machine that everyone would love to play as.

We felt her power, anger and pain – we wanted to show it the best way we could.


Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Producer: Ewa Pazera

Art Direction: Rafał Nagiecki
Concept: Michał Janusik
Sculpting: Sebastian Ordon
Render: Sebastian Ordon
Finish: Kamil Bugno
Graphic Design: Dawid Deptuła, Rafał Nagiecki

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Cyberpunk 2077


Cover Art

Working in CD PROJEKT RED was a huge fulfillment
for our team.

The task was to create something visible, unique and iconic for the genre. There was immense pressure, but working with the talented CD PROJEKT RED Promo Art & Design teams, made everything easy. The iconic yellow color was chosen to stand out and surprise the audience. It was a color rarely used in communication in such
a broad scope, and it proved to be a successful decision.

We feel very strongly about this project, proud
of the entire outcome, and wish for more challenges like this.

Thank You to all the people from CD PROJEKT RED who took part in the project and are not mentioned in the credits.


Game Director: Adam Badowski
Creative Director: Jan Bartkowicz, Rafał Nagiecki
Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Promo Team Lead: Ernest Kośka
Concept Artist: Olaf Ciszewski
Character Artist: Artur Tarnowski
Lightning / Shading Artis: Maciej Łypik
Digital Artist: Łukasz Wiktorzak, Aleksander Bieroński

Design Supervisor: Przemysław Juszczyk
Designers: Paulina Łukiewska, Robert Bubel, Dawid Deptuła, Agnieszka Momot,
Irina Moraru, Karolina Oksiędzka, Maciej Wojtachnia

Production: Anna Pietrzak, Joanna Wieliczko, Karolina Lewandowska
Additional Support: Jeremiah Cohn, Tomasz Tinc

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Client: All In Games / One More Level

Main Hero Redesign,
Cover Art, Branding

Ghostrunner was a brand that we fell in love with from the very first moment.

We thought about it holistically and were given a lot of creative freedom. This gave us an opportunity to suggest some critical features for the main character, create the graphic language
and make the whole product consistent and strong.

Bold color choices and detailed character
work catch your eye in a matter of a moment.

We love the outcome
and are very proud to be
able to present it to You.


Cover Art:
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Producer: Ewa Pazera
Concept Artist: Michał Janusik, Rafał Nagiecki
Digital Artist: Marek Okoń
Design Supervisor: Dawid Deptuła
3D Artist: Marek Okoń,Tomasz Mianowski

Main Hero Redesign:
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Concept Artist: Michał Janusik, Rafał Nagiecki

Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Designer: Dawid Deptuła

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Dying Light 2

Client: Techland

Dying 2 Know

We would like to present to you a project that we are hyped about, very much – the first episode of Dying 2 Know.

From Techland, a worldwide AAA game developer and publisher, officially launching their long awaited campaign for Dying Light 2. At the Beast, we created branding designs and animations (2D & 3D) based on materials provided from Techland, which included 2D main titles or the 3D Collector’s Edition presentation made in Unreal Engine.

Special thanks to everyone at Techland for this amazing cooperation and creative imput, it’s always a pleasure to work with you. We would also like to express gratitude to our hard working teams who worked on this project, as well as the fearless director Pawel Fabjanski.

The Beast bites again!


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Producer: Ewa Pazera
Graphic Design: Dawid Deptuła, Kamil Bugno
3D Unreal Engine Artist: Piotr Luziński
3D Texture Artist: Tomasz Zaborek
2D Animation: Paweł Samul, Miłosz Konczyński, Martyna Nagraba
Editing, Compositing: Lunapark Motion Arts Collective

Creative Director: Luk Janasek
Product Management Director: Monika Łpczsk-Zygn
Senior Copywriter: Mariusz Pitura
Production: Graffiti Films
Producer: Kasia Macioł
Director: Paweł Fabjański
DP: Mateusz Dziekonski
Production Design: Karolina Rączka

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Paradise Lost

Client: All In Games / Polyamorous

Concept, 3D, Slogan,
Logo, Post Production

We came up with the idea
of a Totem triptych to highlight the extraordinary backstory of the game.

Its impressive world, constructed with a vast historic background and varied characters, inspired us to enchant parts of their stories into the totems.

The Family Totem was the most emotional, not surprisingly.
It confronted the main hero with his past and loneliness. Setting
a slight tone of mystery around his parents and religion, and a dim light of hope.

We wanted to combine the energy of nature with the grand rituals nestled in our history created by man. Showing how the emotional world and memory itself can impact human lives.

We are also very proud
to present this unique
Key Art piece.


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Agency Producer: Ewa Pazera
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki

Concept Artist: Michał Janusik
Digital Artist: Kamil Bugno
3D Generalist: Tomasz Mianowski

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Beast – The Game

Client: False Prophet Studio

Mad King Cover

The Brief was to create a memorable cover that would be an introduction to the graphic language of The Beast game.

It is a heavy, medieval tactical game set in the late Middle Ages. It is a dark game with an immense storyline and a Unique gaming mechanism of the Beast.

In contrast, it is set in the poetic land of Carpathia and Romania – it was a place of vivid craftsmanship and amazing culture at the time.

This is why we decided to combine the feel of madness/occultism with the vivid structure of the crown that is characteristic to the location and time.


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Creative & Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki

Supporting 3D Artist: Tomasz Zaborek
Digital Artist: Kamil Bugno
Producer: Ewa Pazera