The Beast

Client: 505 Games / Lenzee

Wuchang: Fallen Feathers
Xbox Showcase Trailer

“Wuchang: Fallen Feathers” is a dark story of a monster slayer in ancient, filled with legends and myths, China. Full of mystery, deception and fancy swords. What more should we say to make you fall in love with this setup?

The Hungry Beast is perfect for creating trailers for hungry, legendary monsters. The Beast Roars again! With pride!

We were responsible for all the aspects from the concepts to the final production.

Powered by: Unreal 5

Script / Trailer Production / 4K 60FPS / Unreal Engine using game assets / End Slate / Model + Texture Cinematic Upscale / VO in English / Subtitles / Social Cuts + Formats


Creative Director/ Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Storyboard Artist: Barbara Szymczak

Unreal Director/ Lead Artist: Alireza Fattahi
3D Animation: Navid Tanzifian
Model + Texture Upscaling: Tomasz Zaborek

Head of Production: Ewa Pazera
Project Manager: Magdalena Dernowska
Jr. Producer: Anna Walasek

Sound Design / Final Mix: Miłosz Kończyński
Motion Graphics / Editing: Miłosz Kończyński
Graphic Design: Dominik Chyła

VO Studio: Lunapark Motion Arts Collective
English VO: Mia Johnson

Original Score provided by Lenzee