The Beast

Client: 5PM STUDIO

Reveal Trailer

Memory helps you to understand the present day. It lets you carve a better tomorrow that soon will also become history. All your investments and focus pays off in time but neglecting it can lead to your downfall. This trailer is a small tribute to memory and the role it plays in our lives.

We were responsible for all the aspects from the early concepts to the final production.

Powered by: Unreal 5

Script / Trailer Production / 4K 60FPS / Unreal Engine using game assets / Graphic Language Design / End Slate


Creative Director/ Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Storyboard Artist: Barbara Szymczak

Lead Artist: Bartosz Weber
Unreal Engine Artist: Monika Oller
VFX Artist: Szymon Śniegocki
Modeling, Texturing: Aleksandra Zawada
Lighting: Bartosz Weber

Head of Production: Ewa Pazera
PM: Magdalena Dernowska, Anna Walasek

Colorist / Post: Miłosz Kończyński
Motion Graphics / Editing: Miłosz Kończyński
Sound Design / Final Mix: Miłosz Kończyński

VO Studio: Lunapark Motion Arts Collective
VO Engineer: Paweł Drzyzga
VO: Dominika Pasterska