The Beast

Client: False Prophet

Beast – The Game
Game Intro Trailer

Trailer “Iconostasis” was made as an intro sequence for a game called The Beast, developed by the False Prophet team.

It is a dark story about plague spreading in the Carpathian lands during the late Middle Ages. The trailer tells the story of the game’s antagonist. Uncovers the mischief and deception hiding behind the light.


Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Lead Producer: Ewa Pazera
Junior Producer: Anna Walasek
Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Graphic Designer: Dawid Deptuła

Concept Artist: Maxim Voronzov, Michał Janusik
3D Artist: Tomasz Zaborek, Maciej Hrynyszyn, Michał Warchlewski
Texture Artist: Tomasz Zaborek
Lighting Artist: Jacek Domaradzki
VFX Artist: Jacek Domaradzki