The Beast

Client: False Prophet Studio

Mad King Cover

The Brief was to create a memorable cover that would be an introduction to the graphic language of The Beast game.

It is a heavy, medieval tactical game set in the late Middle Ages. It is a dark game with an immense storyline and a Unique gaming mechanism of the Beast.

In contrast, it is set in the poetic land of Carpathia and Romania – it was a place of vivid craftsmanship and amazing culture at the time.

This is why we decided to combine the feel of madness/occultism with the vivid structure of the crown that is characteristic to the location and time.


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Creative & Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki

Supporting 3D Artist: Tomasz Zaborek
Digital Artist: Kamil Bugno
Producer: Ewa Pazera