The Beast

Client: 505 Games / Avantgarden

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake
Gameplay Announcement Trailer

The emotional adventure game Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, from 505 Games and Avantgarden is getting a revamped look and feel!

Anyone who has played through the original, has a great sentiment to the experience and we hope an entirely new generation of players will enjoy it as well. The Beast had a privilege to work on The Game Awards 2023 reveal trailer.

Powered by: Unreal 5.1


Creative Director – Rafał Nagiecki
Graphic Designer – Dominik Chyła

Head of Production – Ewa Pazera
PM – Magdalena Dernowska
Jr. Producer – Anna Walasek

End slate 3D sequence Layout, Director, Editing – Alireza Fattahi
End slate 3D sequence Animation: Navid Tanzifian
Editing, Sound, Motion Design – Bartosz Szadurski