The Beast

Client: Techland

Dying Light 2
Stories From the Dying City – Jonah
Design, Animation

Studies show that Dying Light 2 and Techland have a 99% chance of improving your mood.

We love making things that make people feel better, but what we love even more is creating things that make the hair at the back of your neck stand up and run chills through your body.

This is why we were extremely eager to jump on this project, born out of Techland’s immense Dying Light world, written by Mariusz Pitura, narrated by Corpse Husband, directed and animated by Paweł Świerczyński.

We want to express our sincere thanks to the entire creative team, the hardworking cast and crew, and most of all – Techland and team.


Creative Producer: Paweł Jermak
Supervising Producer: Ewa Pazera
Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Creative Director / Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki

CG Supervisor: Paweł Świerczyński
Layout Lead: Paweł Świerczyński
Lead Artist: Maciej Biniek
Senior Character Animator: Oleh Ridzel
Layout Artist, Character Animator: Katarzyna Olszewska
Character Animation: Paweł Świerczyński
Junior Layout Artist: Yauheni Vashkevich
Lighting / Rigging: Paweł Świerczyński
Lead Compositing Artist: Przemysław Traśnik Czapla
Compositing Artist: Łukasz Stolarski
Compositing Artist: Paweł Białowąs

Illustrator: Anna Kowalczyk

3D Artist: Piotr Luziński
3D Artist: Jacek Domaradzki
Lighting: Maciej Biniek
Character Artist: Sebastian Ordon
Editing: Paweł Świerczyński, Paweł Jermak
Online: Paweł Jermak

Color Grading – VEIN Post Production
Colorist: Dominik Deras
Producer: Krzysztof Dudek

Main Title & End Credit Design: Dawid Deptuła
Main Title & End Credit Animation: Paweł Samul

Sound Post Production GŁOŚNO:
Sound Designer: Dariusz Podhajski
Sound Production Coordinator: Julia Niebielska
Casting Director: Grzegorz Drojewski


Creative Director: Łukasz Janas
Senior Writer: Mariusz Pitura
Project Manager: Monika Bednorz
Translations: Marta Szczechowska
3D Dying Light 2 Characters: Character Team


Storyteller: Corpse Husband
Redbeard: Barry Mulkerns
Guard: Philip Lenkowsky
Woman: Konstancja Dangel
Host: Adam Hadi

Milena Suszyńska
Maciej Kowalik
Piotr Bajtlik