The Beast


Design, Animation

The Star Guardians are here! A fantastic new world born from the League of Legends brand.

We had a great privilege to bring it to life during
the Star Guardian filters launch on Instagram.

We made two exciting animations with influencers’ real reactions, a promotion of the Star Guardians characters and for the League of Legends: Wildfift launch.

This magic is real!


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Lead Producer: Ewa Pazera
Project Coordinator: Anna Walasek
Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Design Director: Kamil Bugno

Animation Supervisor: Paweł Samul
Przemysław Drosik, Andrzej Jękot, Łukasz Rusinek, Maciej Koleśnik, Rafał Paruszewski, Joanna Rutkowska

Post Production Manager: Anna Dragun