The Beast

Client: RIOT Games

Design, Animation, AR

Launching a new map with a Portuguese theme requires a campaign with soul. This is why, inspired by Portuguese ceramics and design, we helped to bring The Pearl Collection campaign to life.

The new map Pearl takes place in Portugal, Inspired by its famous Azulejos (painted tin-glazed ceramic tilework) we decided to create the perfect convention starter. A set of coasters, but with a digital spin to it.

Each coaster/tile was designed to represent a VALORANT agent or a character. The tiles come to life as soon as you point your camera to them using a special Instagram AR filter to reveal the matching agent and a unique animation to each design. Even the box itself had a hidden special animation to it.

The tiles were packaged in a unique box and sent out to Influncers from MENA, SEA, Europe and NA for a special unboxing moment during the new map launch.
The unboxing took place live on stream with thousands of concurrent viewers tuning in to watch their favorite VALORANT streamers reveal the package and try out the AR experience.
Additionally, all VALORANT players were able to download the artwork, create their own tiles and try the AR experience.

In a few days the AR filters made over 350k impressions and over 4000 players tried them out!


Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Producers: Wojciech Markowski, Ewa Pazera
Creative Director / Art Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Design Director: Kamil Bugno
Design Lead: Dawid Deptuła
3D Generalists: Jacek Domaradzki, Piotr Luziński
Account Manager: Ksenia Kocel
Project Coordinator: Nadia Demenczuk
Production Assistants: Anna Walasek, Michał Zboiński

2D Animators: Paweł Samul, Radek Skonieczny
3D Animators: Yauheni Vashkevich, Łukasz Horyza
Concept Artist: Michał Janusik
Compositing Artist: Paweł Samul,
Grimworks, Tiles Production: Małgorzata Suchoń, Marcin Jabłoński
Loco XR , Augmented Reality Production: Przemek Drosik, Anna Dragun, Jenki
Cinescope, Video Production: Damian Kramski, Marcin Pałaszyński,
Michał Mazurkiewicz, Sylwester Ida

Brand Manager, Riot Games: Anas al Hakim
Head of Marketing, Riot Games: Karim Hachani