The Beast


Monopoly Madness
Dino City DLC
Key Art + Trailer

Who in the world has never played one of the many versions of Monopoly, spent days fighting their siblings or friends fot the ultimate, paper real estate power?

Ubisoft has brought to us, video gamers, the beloved board game in an insanely inventive way, with a variety of platforms to choose from. Coming now, for wannabe paleontologist – the Dino City DLC.

It was both nostalgic and a previlege for us, being chosen to play a tiny part in a brand new piece of gaming history, transcending so many generations and places all around the world.

Both the Key Art and the Trailer were created entirely in Unreal Engine from Epic Games.


Creative Director: Rafał Nagiecki
Design Director / Post Production: Kamil Bugno
Lead Graphic Designer: Dawid Deptuła
Executive Producer: Piotr Kocel
Lead Producer: Ewa Pazera
Project Coordinator: Anna Walasek
Account Manager: Nadia Nagiecka


3D Supervisor, Layout: Radosław Kurczewski
3D Sculptor, Textures: Tomasz Zaborek
3D Generalist: Mateusz Kozłowski
3D Rigger: Łukasz Horyza
3D Textures: Viyaleta Radkevich, Maksim Vorontzov
Illustration: Maksim Vorontzov, Viyaleta Radkevich
Concept Art: Michał Janusik, Maksim Vorontzov, Viyaleta Radkevich


2D Animation, Editing, Sound: Paweł Samul
Gameplay & Capture: Michał Zboiński, Piotr Sobociński
Gameplay & Capture Support: Witold Muchowski